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Tender Loving Care

TLC is more than a phrase at Dix Camelot Farms. It is more than pouring in a pail of feed or tossing in some hay.  Tender Loving Care is how we feel about the animals that live on this farm.  We treat all living things with love and kindness. We moved to this farm and soon became the caregivers to the twenty  plus dogs and cats that were abandoned at our gate. We had them and their puppies spayed and neutered ( so many came here pregnant) and rehomed most all of them.


That is how we are. We are caregivers by nature and so, at Dix Camelot Farms, your horses are treated with kindness and care. When we feed them, we LOOK at them and we see the little changes that happen when horses are happy. We hear the nickers of greetings.  Horses do talk with their voice and eyes. We look and we see them. We do not look past them. Horses are checked on at least 3 times a day. We treat pastured horses the same as ones in stalls. 

Horses are brushed and groomed often. We do not wait until they "need it". In spring thru Fall, horses are fly sprayed daily. and parasites are dealt with deworming every two months.  

We have individual feeding pens and that is not something you find used in most facilities. We built them for horses to be able to be treated in for  their special needs, and horses to be able to eat in peace. They are relaxed and can enjoy their meals without having to watch for that bully horse to chase them away. The horses actually line up at the pens and fuss to get in them. They have their own rooms and love it. The care of blanketing, hoof care and grooming can be done without any fuss and taking the horse out of their comfort zone. 

All that equals Tender Loving Care. When we care, you can see the results.

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