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Dix Camelot Farms is a unique horse boarding facility and Riding Academy that goes the extra mile to give each horse and rider the TLC they deserve.

* Horse friendly pastures are enclosed with poly tape and horse fencing.

* Individual feeding pens are built for each long term boarded horse where they can  enjoying eating in peace without the worry of other horses chasing them off.

* Special individual feeding program developed to address each horse's needs.


* Farm professionals may be used to serve your horse's needs as requested. Our farrier is Mr. Shawn Crooks who is here every 4 and 6 weeks. We are fortunate to have three veterinarians provide services to our clients for different needs. You are welcome to use your own professionals if you wish and we will assist in the handling of the horses as part of our service for you.

     Our Veterinarian is Robert Syfrett DVM who has taken exceptional care of all our horses for many years.                                                   Our riding program teaches English and Western riding, Dressage and jumping. We have a full size dressage arena,and large working round pen that is 120 ft diameter, and in progress is a cross country field and full competition trail course.                                          


                                                      Contact Mici Arnold-Dix     


                                                    tele: (334)405-0260

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