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Individualized feeding program

Dix Camelot Farms believes each horse has different nutritional needs much as people do and so, each horse has its own feeding schedule tailored to the needs of the horse, not the convenience of the stable.

There are " easy keepers " and " high needs" horses.  We feed lower fat feeds without ignoring protein needs and supplement the fast metabolism  " hard keeper" with higher fats and products that will put in the calories safely. Supplements may be suggested to optimize the results.

Having your horse's needs in mind, we not only will feed the normal twice a day feeding program here, but we will feed three times a day to stabilize the metabolisms of both extremes. I have experience in equine nutrition having had to create my own feed mix for my show horses in a time when there were no suitable commercial feeds. I studied nutrition in nursing and in the equine industry and apply this education and knowledge  in the care of the lucky horses that come here. 

Horse feeds are kept separately for each horse as are their supplements. Dix Camelot farms does not "borrow" from other horses to use on a different one.

Dix Camelot Farm is a small facility that can offer the care and attention to detail that each horse needs.  We purchase our feeds from different suppliers to get the best feeds we can for each horse's diet needs. Their feeding schedules and programs are posted in the feed room and updated. Each horse has its own feeding buckets and are of different colors for each pasture whenever possible. This makes it easy to double check the names and colors to make sure each horse receives their own specialized feeds.

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