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At Dix Camelot Farms we give horse owners an opportunity to have their horses cared for in ways not normally available at the usual boarding stable. We give one on one care and work with the veterinarian to achieve optimal results . Each horse is different and all results cannot be predetermined . 





When a horse is fortunate to have an owner that will not take "NO" for an answer and does all the right things, an injury that would normally have been life ending can and was treated, and this horse is now sound, rideable and can even go back to light work jumping. His owner has decided to retire him where he received the last part of his care to return him to normal. These are some pictures showing some of the injury and healing process.

Specialized treatments

You will not find the average boarding facility that can provide the unique l and varied care and treatments that we give at Dix Camelot Farms.

This horse sustained an injury that resulted in nerve damage which resulted in the shoulder muscles deteriorating severely. Once again, a very lucky horse has an owner who researched what his diagnosis meant and what if anything could be done. He is at Dix Camelot Farms receiving TENS treatments and special supplements. He has improved and although this takes at times 2 years to return the shoulder to near normal, this is half way through the process and we see positive changes and are hopeful for a recovery back to normal abilities.


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